In Support of Our Embattled President

A few facts to begin this week’s blog post:

President Biden did not lose the 2020 election “by a landslide.” His popular vote exceeded Donald Trump’s by 8 million votes and his electoral victory was 306 to 232.  

President Biden did not create the COVID-19 crisis. He inherited it. (The number “19” in COVID-19 refers to the year—2019—in which the virus was first identified.)

President Biden did not create international supply chain blockages caused by the COVID-19 crisis. He inherited them.

President Biden did not create the spike in gas prices caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Donald Trump’s friend, President Putin, caused that.

President Biden’s policies have not increased the national deficit. The deficit was reduced by approximately $350 billion during the first year of his presidency.

President Biden’s policies have not led to increased unemployment. The unemployment rate as fallen to 3.6% as of April of this year.

President Biden’s “tax and spend” policies are not responsible for our increasing rates of inflation. Congress has not passed new tax legislation since President Biden took office. And his massive “Build Back Better” spending initiative was blocked by the U. S. Senate. The vast bulk of his infrastructure bill involves spending on projects that are not yet underway. (I. e., the spending has not happened yet.) Instead, current inflation is being fueled by supply chain disruptions and shortages, including closures of plants in China due to COVID-19, labor shortages in factories, port facilities, and transportation hubs around the world (also due to COVID-19), and oil and gas embargoes levied by and against Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine.

When Spirited Reasoners analyze President Biden’s response to Putin’s invasion, we marvel at the near-perfect balance of maximum logistical support for Ukraine coupled with prudent avoidance of direct U. S. troop involvement.

Yet, despite these facts, President Biden faces daily vilification from Republicans (who insist on believing the lie that he “stole” the election) and Progressives (who are angry because he could not magically force Sen. Joe Manchin to be something other than what he is.)

President Biden deserves not only our support, but our admiration for the deftness of his guidance between Scylla on the right and Charybdis on the left. Unfortunately, he has inherited a nation in which most Americans prefer to believe one set of extreme views or another.

President Biden told us, when he opened his campaign for the 2020 election, that he was in a “battle for the soul of America.” Spirited Reasoners want him to win that battle.

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