The 2022 Midterm Elections in One Word

Anyone watching political news these days can be forgiven for a sense of utter confusion. On any given evening we can expect to be treated to at least one story about COVID-19 vaccinations and mandates. Then we can expect scenes of supply chain disruptions and shortages, not to mention the accompanying inflation. And of course, we’re still litigating the events of January 6, with all the faces, flags, and costumes that go along with that.

How, then, can the Spirited Reasoner claim that the 2022 midterm elections, and perhaps also the 2024 presidential election, will all come down to a single word? It’s easy. The word we’re talking about is the following:


From the standpoint of Democrats hoping to retain or even gain seats in Congress, lack of progress on an infrastructure deal will certainly dash their hopes. Why (voters are bound to ask) should we re-elect your party to Congress when you have been unable to achieve the simplest of all legislative victories?

On the flipside, many Independent and Republican voters—especially that small but steady percentage who are leery of Donald Trump—would find it hard not to support the current status quo when they see new money arriving into their respective districts earmarked for better roads, bridges, airports, wi-fi, and even pre-K education. “Gee,” they would say, “maybe Congress and President are actually capable of helping We the People.”

Ever wonder why so many Republicans are dead set on voting against President Biden’s infrastructure package, no matter how much it is whittled down to fit their recommendations, and no matter whether their own states, Congressional districts, and We the People would benefit greatly by its passage? The intransigent behavior of Mitch McConnell and other Republicans on Capitol Hill can be explained by that one word


and by the following prediction:

If the infrastructure bill passes, Democrats win votes in the midterm elections. If it fails, Democrats lose.

Simple as that.

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