Conservatives Courting COVID

This past week Spirited Reasoners were treated to an almost perfect example of Karma. It came in the form of a news clip showing an anti-vaxxer in his hospital bed. Following is my best attempt to paraphrase what I recall from the interview.

“Why didn’t you get the vaccination?” asked the reporter.

“I don’t trust what’s in it.”

“You didn’t know it was approved by the FDA for emergency treatment?”

“That’s not the same as full approval. And anyway, I don’t trust what the government says.”

“Where do you get your news?”

“I listen to alternative news sources.”

“Would you say you regret your decision to forego the vaccine now that you’ve been hospitalized for COVID?”

“Naw. I’d do the same today if I had it to do over again.”

Then the scene cut to the physician who happened to be treating the young man.

“What do you say,” asked the reporter, “to those who say that the FDA approval for emergency vaccination is not the same as full approval?”

“I’d say that the treatments we are using to keep those patients alive in the intensive care unit are also not yet fully approved,” said the doctor.


And Spirited Reasoners would add the following:

When you refuse to get vaccinated on the grounds that you “don’t trust the stuff that might be in those vaccines,” what you’re actually saying is that you trust your body with COVID-19 more than you trust it with health professionals. You’re saying that you’re willing to risk your body’s being invaded by a virus that has already killed over 600,000 Americans and put millions more in the hospital. In other words, you’re okay with COVID-19 coming into your body (even though many of you think it was manufactured in China for exactly that malicious purpose.) But you’re not willing to take a vaccine aimed at keeping it out.

So much for anti-vaxxers maintaining the purity of their bodies from foreign substances.