Don’t Be Panicked by This Post

Spirited Reasoners be warned: this post includes statements that might encourage prospective voters to engage in behaviors likely to save lives and improve our nation’s public health. Please don’t read any further if such thoughts might trouble your delicate soul or, heaven forbid, induce panic.

Based on the revelations of Bob Woodward this past week, we should all feel relieved that our paternalistic President protected us from the madness that might have resulted had we listened to the scientific warnings of our health care professionals. Just think of the disastrous results:

Millions of people might have contracted panic sickness by attempting to avoid the virus.

Hundreds of thousands might have died.

Our nation’s economy might have been thrown into a tailspin the likes of which it has not experienced since the Great Depression.

Thank God he misled us!

Note the uncanny wisdom it required for him to understand, back in 2016, that we were strong enough as a nation not to be panicked when he warned about all the murderers and rapists entering our country from Mexico. And now, as the 2020 election season is in full swing, he understands that there is no chance of panicking voters by claiming “unending chaos and collapse of democracy,” not to mention the “free rein to violent anarchists, agitators, and criminals” who will threaten our streets, if Joe Biden is elected. President Trump is not one to sew panic.

Likewise, he somehow knows we’re tough enough to be told that “the radical left will defund police departments all across America” and “every city will look like Democrat-run Portland, Oregon” if Joe Biden is elected.  According to the President’s recent tweet, “Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream.” We can’t handle COVID-19, but we’re tough enough to handle all these claims about rioting in the streets.

We can even stomach the “rampant fraud” likely to happen this year when millions of Americans vote by mail. But again, Thank God we have a President who was man enough to mislead us into believing that COVID-19 was just another form of flu, destined to end when the warmer weather arrived last April.

That sort of disinformation is just what it takes to save the American Dream.