Is the Coronavirus Pandemic Turning Partisan Politics Upside Down?

Only a few short months ago one could spot the differences between conservatives and liberals:

Conservatives were those who hated big government (and especially giveaway programs coming from Washington), spoke out against the ballooning federal deficit, and viewed our health care system as an industry best left in private hands. If one were to ask a conservative to name his or her top three issues they might respond as follows: immigration reform (“build that wall”), ending government corruption (“drain the swamp”), and maintaining a strong economy. Asked that same question today most conservatives would, I believe, respond as follows: conquer the coronavirus, spend whatever money is necessary to keep major American employers from going bankrupt, and find a way to return the lives of everyday Americans to something akin to normalcy.

Meanwhile, liberals fielded an array of presidential candidates, most of whom sought universal healthcare, proposed regulations aimed at curbing gun violence, and demanded empowerment of marginalized socioeconomic groups. Asked to name their top three issues today, I believe many liberals would revise their priorities and would now wish to talk about conquering the coronavirus, ensuring continued employment for American workers, and finding a way to return the lives of everyday Americans to something akin to normalcy.

Could it be that all the social distancing required of us during this pandemic is having the ironic effect of bringing us closer together as a nation?

If nothing else, Covid-19 is teaching us how spoiled we were and how much we have taken our daily routines for granted. Maybe it’s time we re-learned the art of thanksgiving for the smaller things in life.

How wonderful it will be when we can join together with those whose views used to be opposite to ours and say, “Hey, isn’t it great that we can speak together again face-to-face? Isn’t it great that our children can play with their friends, and we can attend churches and schools and sporting events and parties again without fear? Isn’t it great how we can recognize just how much we have in common rather than focus on those issues that used to separate us?”

Spirited Reasoners can hope.

But don’t get us started on toilet paper …