Giuliani’s Insurance Policy

Last week, in an interview with a Fox News reporter, President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, made a rather startling comment about the strength of his relationship with his boss: “I’ve seen things written like he’s going to throw me under the bus. When they say that, I say he isn’t, but I have insurance.”

Since making that statement, Giuliani and his own personal attorney have been trying to claim that the remark was only a joke. When asked to explain the joke, he tweeted “TRUTH ALERT: The statement I’ve made several times of having an insurance policy, if thrown under the bus, is sarcastic & relates to the files in my safe about the Biden Family’s 4 decade monetizing of his office.”

Nice try.

Spirited Reasoners will note that while the former Mayor of New York wants to claim that his “insurance” is all about his investigation of the Bidens, President Trump has been telling the opposite story. In an interview with conservative radio talk-show host Bill O’Reilly, Trump emphatically denied that he directed Giuliani to investigate them.

So, which is it? Was the President’s personal lawyer (a) engaging in a rogue witch hunt without approval from his principal client, the President of the United States? Seems unlikely, to say the least.

Or was he (b) acting with his boss’s approval—perhaps in writing? If so, then that written approval would constitute a rather effective insurance policy. Any document coming from President Trump that directed his personal lawyer to investigate the Bidens would, in fact, constitute the very smoking gun the House Impeachment Committee has been seeking.

Here’s what happens if we accept both Trump’s and Giuliani’s explanations as entirely truthful. We must believe that Rudy Giuliani, without authorization from his client, chose to embark upon an investigation of the Bidens’ activities in the Ukraine. After finding lots of evidence, he chose not to report that evidence to the President or to prosecutors. Instead, he hid it in his safe to serve as “insurance” against some unexplained future occurrence.

Is it my imagination or do these guys talk like characters in The Godfather?

I’m still scratching my head.

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