Betraying the Kurds … to Help Putin

Ever since the Russia connection was unearthed, Spirited Reasoners have wondered about its causes and consequences.

As for the causes: Could it really be true that Putin has a copy of that rumored video of Trump engaging in questionable personal activities during a visit to Moscow prior to his election? If so, Putin only needs to put in a call to the White House, demanding this or that foreign policy (or military) decision favorable to Russia. Otherwise, “we release the video.”

Or could it be that Putin is less of a blackmailer and more of a business partner, offering Trump access to vast, untapped property markets in Russia? “Go along with me,” he says to Trump, “and our families can get even richer together. Oh, and my hackers can help you in the 2020 election.”

Regardless of the cause or causes of the Trump-Putin attraction, one consequence is now impossible to ignore.

Putin wants the Kurds—perhaps our most loyal allies, after the Israelis, in the Middle East—out of Syria, where they are bothering his own ally, Bashar al-Assad, the man accused by our FBI of some of the worst war crimes since Nazi Germany.

No problem. Trump simply orders our troops to move a few miles south, allowing Turkish troops to march in and massacre our loyal friends with impunity.

I’m afraid this week’s post will have to end there. No words can express the horror and disgust we are feeling.

Spirited Reasoners have hearts and consciences as well as minds.

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