We’re Smothering Our Universities–Here It Is!

No. We’re not planning an event to smother our universities. I’m talking about a book.

This week (April 8 – 14) I hope to release the second book in the Spirited Reasoner series on higher education. Having introduced the cast of characters in Book One–Who’s Running Our Colleges and Universities?–it’s time to take a look at the issues they are facing in the year 2018.

[It’s now available!  Get it HERE ]

Want to know the real reasons for the escalation in tuition and fees at colleges and universities across the United States?  Want to know why campus officials seem so silent while these and other controversial issues cry out for answers?

In Book Two—We’re Smothering Our Universities—I provide evidence that our nation’s system of higher education, a national treasure that was once the envy of the world, is now suffering a slow, suffocating death. Not due to the actions of just a single culprit, but through the collective actions of many.

We the People have allowed powerful individuals and organizations, including our elected representatives, to impose a collection of expensive unfunded mandates and to engage in corrupt practices that our university officials are powerless to combat without our help. It’s time we learned the truth about what’s going on behind the scenes. We need to understand the forces that are causing tuition to rise and campus environments to coagulate, stifling the creativity and innovation that once fueled our nation’s spirit.

We’re Smothering Our Universities is a must read for those of us who care enough to make a difference.